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Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding

Rebuilt Engines
Serving the Automotive Aftermarket Since 1953

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Long Block
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Crank Shafts


All New Engine Parts that meet O.E. Specifications

Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Pistons and Pins
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Piston Rings
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Connecting Rod Bearings
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Valves (or valves re-manufactured to factory specifications)
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Timing Chain
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Timing Gears
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Rod Bushings
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Main Bearings
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Camshaft Bearings
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Gaskets and Seals
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Hydraulic Tappets
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Brass Freeze Plugs on Most Popular Applications
Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding Oil Pump

Auto & Truck Engine Rebuilding

Our Manufacturing Process

We tear down the used engine assembly completely and always discard pistons, bearings, seals, gaskets, timing gears, chains and many other parts.  These discarded component parts are replaced with new, high quality parts when the engine is re-assembled. We thoroughly clean all retainable parts, using the latest cleaning technology. All components are completely inspected for defects.  Those not repairable are scrapped. Cylinder blocks are bored to uniform size and tolerance, and then precision honed to achieve a superior micro-finish. Cylinders receive new pistons and rings that are select-fitted to achieve exact piston-to-bore clearances. All connecting rods are re-sized.  Then they are ground, precision honed, and brought to O.E. tolerance. Each engine is assembled on a progressive assembly line where every operation is monitored for proper assembly fit. Each camshaft is re-centered and the lobes are re-profiled.  After grinding, all journals are polished and the lobes are Parkerized.  Each cylinder head is cleaned and inspected for cracks or other defects.  All head surfaces are machined to eliminate warpage and nicks and to ensure proper surface smoothness.  Valve guides are replaced, if necessary.  New re-manufactured valves, springs, and seals are installed, and all valve seats are ground to provide perfect seal. The crankshaft is re-centered, realigned and checked for balance.  In addition, the main and rod journals are reground and polished using a QPAC machine and processed to an exact micro-finish standard usually not provided by other remanufacturers.  All oil passages are cleaned. Each completed engine is checked by precision spin-test in one of two QT150 test stations where each engine is checked for oil pressure, oil flow, proper valve train adjustment, mechanical binding, proper compression, along with a final visual inspection. 

Throughout the remanufacturing process, quality checks and tests are performed by machine operators, assemblers and our quality control department to assure that engineering specifications are maintained.

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